I am back in school (5th year - REALLY taking my time)

(Classes started Wednesday - just keeping my daily blog going for now!) 

Even my Instagram where I started two accounts alexbrzcollage where I post some of my collages and alexbrzoldad where I post photos I took of items that I found interesting in a pile of old 1940s and 1950s magazines had been on hiatus .

I did just post a PDF version of one of my collage projects on my blog and hope to make this a monthly ritual.


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INSTAGRAM - alexbrz on instagram feed - maintains only the last few days -probably where it makes more sense to follow me directly on Instagram

COUCH BLOG -where I posted a thrown out couch daily for a few years and now it is updated occasionally

FLICKR - a link to my Flickr page


GALERIES - this is where I upload 10-12 images from one of my completed projects

STATUS -  a page I put in to say where I am in my design of the website

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HOME- where you are now

BELGO BOOKLET- where you can download a PDF of the booklet I made for my show at the Belgo





Some of My Blurb Books

Canada Day       My Year on the Web    patternsinrandomness

#dailycouch #sofafree  unwanted couches unwanted colours


Alex Brzezinski


Some of My Blurb Books

Canada Day       My Year on the Web    patternsinrandomness

#dailycouch #sofafree