Florida Vacation

Just got back from a six day vacation in Florida. My next blog posts will be about it. As you can see we had a little rain while we were there. 
One of the interesting things I heard about travel photography is that everyone thinks the same thing - "where I live is the most boring place to take photos". So, they take them when they are away - I am no exception - but I attribute it more to having the time and being in a mood to explore, than it actually being more interesting. Then again dirty snow is hardly inspiring.

Unwanted couches

 I was wondering if I was going to do this another year or not. I felt that I needed a break; but I spotted these from the bus and walked back two blocks to get them, so I guess I am doing it again. Last year I photographed all in portrait orientation and as environmental to make it different, but this year I will take some advice I heard that the best time to take a portrait orientation photo is immediately after taking a landscape version.