Digital Story Podcast Great Idea

The Digital Story: New Tools for the Creative MindDerrick Story is another very professional and regular podcaster but his was one of the podcasts that I dropped from my regular rotation. I decided to keep downloading but selecting which ones to listen to - instead of all of them. Recently I decided to listen to podcast 255 which was about the 11 things one should try to do in 2011.

The one I am recommending to everyone (seeing that it is too late for me) is to video record an elder family member discussing their photo albums .

Freeman Patterson on CBC Ideas

As you may know I follow a number of podcasts, one of them being CBC Best of Ideas. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that they had a show dedicated to Freeman Patterson. I recommend listening to it. He is not your normal photographer; as he has a Master of Divinity Degree
I took a workshop with him... but never took a photo of him- Wikipedia photo on right

scroll up - I think they keep the podcasts for four weeks

Pete Turner related podcasts

In the fourth Naked Photo podcast this photo is discussed, and there is a nice intro to it on Pete Turner's work. I hope he continues his podcasts longer than the other Pete Turner podcast I liked - George Eastman house stopped at about 15 a few years ago and I felt that the Pete Turner podcast they did was one of theirt best. Below are the links.

This Week in Photo and Photofocus podcasts 2.5***

When I originally started listening to This Week in Photo (TWIP) I loved it. A group of entertaining males talking about photography irreverently. The news items that they selected and discussed were interesting and it was interesting to hear their diverse views. But it seems to have gotten repetitious and long. This is the first casualty of my culling process, but I still may look in on the gang once in a month or so. I'm not sure if I dropped it because the format is tired, or I am tired of the format.

Scott Bourne was originally on (TWIP) and eventually started Photofocus, which is a one-hour podcast of questions and answers only. I have kept photofocus on my playlist although I rank them equally. Scott Bourne is the consummate professional and marketer with a golden voice. He probably has the most sponsors, but you can accept them in this format. Even if it is a bit repetitious after a while, they always have something that you should learn.

Tips from the Top Floor 2**

Chris Marquardt won an award for the best podcast for this show. Maybe even twice. He was an early adopter and is at ease with the format. Somehow I liked him less and less as I listened. I don't know why. I like to contrast him to Martin Bailey. It seems like everything comes very easily to him, and that he can wing everything eventually this show. I have dropped him also. I don't find the self-promotion subtle enough and I feel I am no longer there.

BUT I would recommend trying him especially if you're a beginner.AND

He has a segment on the Tech Guy show which he rebroadcasts here, which is where I think he excels; short and concise explanations of concepts to beginners.

Martin Bailey Photography (3.5***)

Truly a remarkable podcast. His preparation and dependability for five years are unsurpassed. This show is the best example I have seen of the adage the best way to learn is to teach. His community is like-minded with an attention to detail and love of nature photography. It may be a little bit Canon-centric.

My only problem with the audio podcast is that the visuals that accompany the shows are often quite important, and that to look at the screen on an iPod is not satisfying or convenient. If I'm going to tie myself down to computer, I prefer to watch more software type teaching podcasts.

Probably perfect podcast if you're on an exercise machine in front of the screen.

The Candid Frame 4.5****

The web page states with a bit of“ chutzpah” that it is the world's best interview show about photographers and their photography. A number of podcasts now are resorting to interviews with photographers for content, but no-one does it anywhere near as well as Ibarionex Perello. I highly recommend going back through the archives of this podcast as well. Just think of me helping you achieve Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule. Subscribe on iTunes or

Lenswork- photography and the creative process (5)*****

After originally promising to not take much of your time, yesterday’s post asked you to commit thirty-five or so hours, and today’s is probably more. Brooks Jenson of Lenswork is on Podcast #669 and counting. I don’t know how he can remember all his past ideas, but he manages not to repeat himself. The podcasts are short , usually under 5 minutes - but you can be thinking about them for much longer. It positions photography squarely amongst the Arts, and explores the creative process within photography. Don’t go through them too quickly; savour them. You can get all of them in Zip files at (5) *****

I believe that to become a better photographer it is important to know the history of the medium. One must examine the pictures of the great photographers and the various movements etc. But how should one begin. An excellent starting point is Jeff Curto’s podcast on the History of Photography which is his college course lecture’s sound combined with the slides he shows during the class. You can even just listen on your ipod and look at the slides later. I highly recommend it, and it is the one course in my life I repeated that I didn’t have to.

PS. You could also probably spend the rest of your life going to all the links he provides
PPS. The photo by Niepce on the right is attributed by some as the first photo