an update on my other blog

I have been making a daily post since March 21, 2012 on thrown out couches I find. 
This is the story of the above couch and how it relates to my recent postings. I like this photo that I took on June 6, 2013 and as I am in the midst of doing a series of my favourite ten images with one feature in common, it could have been a candidate for top ten with garbage bags which ran from March 29 to April 7

a minute later I saw this boy passing by and took the photo. I am quite sure it would have been in my top ten couches with people had it been available when I posted the series from February 16-25

The couch was originally across the street from this park, and was carried here. Just this movement would have made it a canditate for my top ten series on couches taken on different days which ran from April 28 to May 7

another example with a person in it

the next day - the red pillows are no longer there, and someone has moved another park bench closer

Number 4 of  my top ten couches with a bicycle ( I posted those from June 28 to July 7)

the next day - I couldn't see it from a distance, but I certainly wasn't expecting to see it burnt to the ground!
I am starting a new series of top tens today - on the colour red